List of 60+ Best Dividend Stocks to Buy – Dividend Aristocrats 2022 (FULL LIST)

Profit D’investissements Sans Risque

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The Advantages of Saving Money

If ever there was a habit which needs to be acquired from a young age it is the habit of saving money. It is a habit that will help one achieve financial goals. There are so many advantages of saving money as compared to just spending everything you make and if you are able to save something each week then you will be better off financially in the long-term.

Investing in the Stock Market on a Shoestring

You do not need to be rich to invest but you need to invest in order to be rich and investing in the share market has never been more accessible thanks to the internet. It gives everyone the opportunity to invest irrespective of income levels, therefore there is no excuse for not getting involved.

Top 10 Biggest / Worst Personal Finance / Money Mistakes Young People Make in India

Many young people in India (of course in all countries) believe that the savings and Investments are not their cup of tea and have to think about Savings before reaching the retirement age. They generally want fast cash at this stage or they want to spend the money for entertainment and will do mistakes which seriously cost them heavily in the long term. What are the Biggest financial mistakes a Young person in India commonly do? and the tips to prevent these financial or money mistakes to achieve higher returns in the long term? We will see in this article in detail.

Interesting Factors On How Credit Limit Impact Your Credit Score

Credit score is a reflection of your past credit behavior and many aspects influence it. The factors that impact credit score calculation are repayment history, credit utilization, credit mix, loan tenure and credit enquiries. Credit limits are not amongst the five factors that are considered when calculating the credit rating so one would assume they have no impact on your credit score, however that is not the case. Your credit limit does have an impact on the score, although indirectly which we explain below.

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