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Planning and Achieving Financial Fitness in Singapore

This article gives reader a step-by-step overview of how to plan for and achieve financial fitness – from settling debt to investing excess cash flow. Each step is explained, in laymen terms, to ensure that readers grasp the concept at a glance.

Will RoboAdvisors Inadvertently Cause Artificial Intelligent Market Makers?

Due to over regulation in the Financial Planning Sector most CFP (Certified Financial Planners) cannot afford to take clients who have less than $500,000 in net worth. This now leaves a huge gap in the market and means most in the Middle Class are left in the cold. To fill this gap financial firms have developed RoboAdvisors which uses artificial intelligence to help people determine how best to invest their money and develop their financial retirement portfolio based on their income, risk aversion, lifestyle, and time until retirement. On the surface this sounds like a sound solution, but it’s not without its own set of challenges – one of which I’d like to discuss here today.

The Ultimate Savings Apps for Non-Savers

Nearly 50% of the American population has no savings set aside for retirement. Why? The reasons vary, however, for most, it is simply a lack of discipline. The apps covered in this article make saving completely hands-free.

The Importance of Knowing Your Break Even Point – BeP

BeP or Break Even Points are at the very core of what determines success for your business; they determine one of the most basic aspects of a trucking business – the hauling rate. The reason why so many trucking firms fail is because they don’t factor in operational costs when establish hauling rates.

4 Problems That Legacy Planning Addresses

Legacy planning addresses many of the financial and familial concerns that one may have when leaving behind an estate. This article talks about a few of them here.

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