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Money and the Laws of Value Many people are zealously pursuing money and yet miss several opportunities to make a lot of money just because they are ignorant of the hidden laws of value. For example, many of the complaints customers give about our products or services can be converted to money once we understand the laws of value. Also, profit is defined as the proportion of value produced that is kept by the value producer. That means the more efficient your production system is, the more profit you can generate and keep within your company without necessarily compromising quality or increasing your prices.

Understand Money Two exuberant seven-year old kids were disappointed by their parents’ inability to provide enough money for all their needs. They strongly believed that their parents must be getting some basic things wrong. They wanted money by all means and wondered why everybody they met was portraying money as a scarce commodity. In the usual characteristics of children, they resolved to solve the money problem by designing and printing their own money! They got unto their computer with a mint $ 100 bill note and began the process of designing their own $ 100 bill note.

Which Deposit Accounts Are Right for You? There are a number of deposit accounts available to the average banker. They have a variety of both benefits and drawbacks.

Six Crucial Tips For Managing Financial Accounts In Your 20s With student loans, the pressure to save, and increasingly expensive housing markets, managing your first paychecks and financial accounts can be difficult. Here are six crucial tips for stabilizing your personal finances in your 20s.

Do’s and Don’ts of College Planning Graduation ceremonies abound this time of year. It is a reminder that college expenses are just around the corner. 18 years ago, parents might have begun saving for their child’s college costs with a Uniform Gift to Minors Act (UGMA) or a Uniform Transfer to Minors Act (UTMA). This is an account that is set up in the minor’s name. A parent may be the custodian on the account.

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